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Moving office? Here’s a few tips to consider.

There’s no denying that moving is a daunting and overwhelming task, as anyone who has ever moved knows.  The strange thing is, that no matter how many times you’ve done it, it never seems to get any easier!

Having just completed our office relocation, we were reminded of how challenging it can be to co-ordinate the countless elements involved in achieving a smooth and successful transition from one place to another.

There is a lot of advice from the experts on how to move office with a minimum of fuss, and of course every move is different in terms of size and complexity.  However, the disruption and cost that comes with office relocation could also affect your business adversely.  That’s why it’s so important to prepare in advance as much as possible.

Although there will always be a million things to be done, here are four basic yet important tips to consider in preparation for your next office move.

1. Make a checklist

It sounds simple, but writing a detailed list of all that needs to be done and ticking it off as you go is a great way to keep things on track.  Sort and delegate like-minded tasks to team members in order to streamline the list.

2. Plan your office space

Consider how your new office will look.  This means drawing up a floor plan to allocate available space according to staff needs.  Assess the most practical desk arrangement, the location of your office printer and photocopier, and the kitchen and storage areas.

3. Pack Wisely

Carefully labelling each piece of furniture and crate will make for a smooth transition with minimal confusion.  Code the office floor plan by colour, name or number and ensure that it matches the plan that the removal company is given

4. Update your details

Notify your customers about the move and any potential impacts it may have on them.  Let them know of the change of address and contact details, and any delays in delivery that may occur.  This will prevent any frustration if they’re unable to reach you during the move.  Be sure to update your contact information, especially on social media, along with business cards, letterheads, email footers, directories, invoice templates, mailing lists etc.

 Good luck!

Businesses change office for many reasons and a change of scenery could be an important step in rejuvenating your workplace and your team.  Now is a perfect opportunity to ponder the image you project and to consider an office makeover, by adding some new furniture, artwork and decorative pieces.

Your foyer or reception area is most critical in terms of how others see your business, and it is important to make a great first impression.  The addition of a few striking pieces of artwork in harmonious colours and designs will not only add ‘wow’ factor, but help to create your business identity and the image you wish to project.  Take a look at some of our Recently Completed Projects and browse our Project Gallery for inspiration.

When decorating the rest of the office, never underestimate the use of colour, which has a powerful psychological impact and can profoundly affect productivity.  The four primary psychological colours are red, yellow, blue and green.  Red affects the body, Blue affects the mind, Yellow affects self-confidence and Green is the balance between mind, body and emotions. Choose the styles and colours that best reflect your particular business and the type of service you provide. For example, blue creates an increase in creativity and red creates energy. Take some time to browse our extensive artwork collection

Complement your beautiful, new artwork with some decorative items like these eye-catching vases.